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2014-2015 Teams

A   Coaches
Blake Vinar Dean Weasler
Braden Schroeder Nate Nawrocki
Brody Pavel Pat Nesburg
Daniel Drevlow  
David Nesburg  
Jackson Reineke  
Jordan Nawrocki  
Leighton Weasler  
Lucas Linnemann  
Noah Murphy  
Zach Siegert  
Jacob Dolter  
Spencer Ell  
B   Coaches
Jacob Vaubel Scott Markman
Kai Andersen Vance Vinar
Keegan Cox  
Kory Johnson  
Luke Bauer  
Luke Vinar  
Noah Carlson  
Tyler Langford  
William Jirik  
Zackary Wendorff  
Hunter Russell  
A   Coaches
Andrew Politoski Mike Dietsch
Darby Dietsch Cale Politoski
Devon Stewart Dean Weasler
Jax Bokman DJ Bokman
John Quigg  
Johnathan Jandro  
Justin Drevlow  
Keaton Ginter  
Owen Nesburg  
Parker Vogt  
Riley Hustvedt  
Zachary Paquette  
Zackary Slinger  
Maclain Weasler  
Keaton Walock  
C   Coaches
Adrianna Morelan Jeff Lang
Ava Ferris Nicole Neudecker
Bergen Williamson Johnny Eells
Carter Kubinski Pete Dahl
Garrison Anderson  
Jaden Lang  
Luther Eells  
Matthew Murphy  
Nathan Trapp  
Nathan Menard  
Parker Morrow  
Riley Langenfeld  
Samuel Dahl  
Tanner Yochum  
Timothy Neirby  
Wyatt Ashley Cunningham Baker  
Jack Knutson  
Chancelor Russell  

Concussion Testing

FHA is sponsoring optional IMPACT concussion baseline testing again free of charge to it’s members and the high school hockey teams.  Dr. David Tapper, the Allina sports medicine doctor, has agreed again to be the interpreting physician for the IMPACT subscription.  Baseline testing is recommended every 2 years and only for kids 10 and older due to limitations with the testing validity at the younger ages.  Additional info is posted on hte website along with the consent form that needs to be completed.  Attached are the info forms again, including the consent (will have extras at the clinic for the testing times too).

 Dr. Tapper and Dr. Drevlow have graciously agreed to assist again this year with testing but due to scheduling constraints, testing will be this weekend.

Saturday, October 25, 2014:
High school boys (last name A-M):  2:45 pm
High school boys (last name N-Z):  3:30 pm
High school girls:  4:15 pm
Bantam A/B:  2 pm
U14:  2 pm
PeeWee A:  5:00 pm
PeeWee B:  5:00 pm
U12:  4:15 pm
Squirt A (ages 10 and up only due to testing validity restrictions):  2:45 pm
Squirt C (ages 10 and up only due to testing validity restrictions):  3:30 pm
Misc/alternate times (any of the above times—preference will be for the athletes on the team for that time slot, but will try to fit extra in if there’s room after a few minutes—first come, first serve—space will be limited and not guaranteed if not the scheduled team time).  
Make up time for those that absolutely can’t make Saturday work (first come first served):  Wednesday, October 29, 5:45-6:30 pm

Fund Raisers Information

Fund Raisers Turn-in Dates:

These items can be turned in at the hockey drop box located in the trophy/information case near the lost and found bin:

  • Hockey 2015 Wreath Sales turn-in date is 10/31/2014.
  • Hockey 2015 Calendar Raffle turn-in date is 10/31/2014.  

Below is the log sheet to be used in recording your Raffle Calendar sales.  Please download and print.

2014-2015 FHA Hockey Registration Is Now OPEN!

Please click on the link below to begin registering

your players for the 2014-2015 season.

Registration paperwork turn-in and Gear/Calendar Pick-up:

When:  Please Contact Colby Linnemann at 952-292-2251 or email

Where:  Faribault Ice Arena (after coordinating with Colby)

Who:  All Parents (Learn to Skate Parent(s) can attend if they plan to rent equipment otherwise see you at the rink Saturdays from 12:30 - 1:15 during Open Skate starting Oct 4th)

What you and we need to coordinate:

  • Your completed online registration confirmation
  • Your competed USA Hockey Registration
  • Your Competed Consent to Treat Form
  • A copy of your skater's Birth Certificate.
  • Your check or cash payment if you did not pay on-line
  • Your Hockey Calendar and Wreath Fund Raiser Packet

Scholarship Application

Important dates for the 2014-2015 Hockey Season


Learn to Skate

The Faribault Hockey Association along with the Faribault Parks and Recreation Department are offering a Learn To Skate program geared towards hockey skating skills.  Members of the Faribault Hockey Association and players on the Faribault Hockey team will teach the classes. The classes will be held on Saturdays from 12:30-1:15 during Open Skate.  Open skate begins Oct 4th.

Recommend skaters wear a helmet (bike or hockey), gloves, and a warm coat or rent hockey equipment (skates, helmet, and pads) from the Faribault Hockey Association.

Mini-Mite and Mite:

Your season will start on 11/15/14 with ice times as outlined on the handout given at registration. The schedule will also be posted on the Faribault Hockey website calendar for your review. If you are looking to get on the ice prior to the first day, Open skate is available beginning October 4, 2014. During open skate on Saturdays the association will be running Learn 2 Skate for free (with paid admission to open skate). This would be a great way to get your legs under you prior to the season starting.


A parents meeting will be conducted prior to 11/15/14 to answer any questions you may have. If you have questions now, please reach out Dean Weasler.

Mini-Mite and Mite schedules are attached here for you information.  We will be doing our best to stick to these however please check the online calendar as things may change.  We will also do our best to communicate these changes in the coach’s email.



Ice times will start on 10/11/14 for pre-tryouts skills. Please look at the calendar and attend practices for the level you will be trying out for this season. Coaches will be running practices to freshen skills to get players ready for try outs.



Tryouts:  Sunday 10/19/14 through Tuesday 10/21/14


  • 10/19/14   1:30-2:45PM FIA
  • 10/20/14   6:45-7:45PM FIA
  • 10/21/14   5:30-6:30PM FIA


  • 10/19/14   3:00-4:15PM FIA
  • 10/20/14   5:30-6:30PM FIA
  • 10/21/14   6:45-7:45PM FIA

Bantam: (If we have try outs)

  • 10/19/14   4:30-5:45PM FIA
  • 10/20/14   8:00-9:00PM FIA
  • 10/21/14   8:00-9:00PM FIA


There are no try outs for this level. Your team practices will being on 10/11/14 with the coaches for the season. The schedule is available via the calendar.


Managers Meeting:

All team managers as selected by coaches will meet on 10/23/14 at the FIA at 7:00 PM

If you are interested in being the team manager for your child’s team, please let your coach know once teams are selected.


For Girls teams (U12 and U14) please reach-out to the following people:

  • U12: Greg Starkson
  • U14: Dean Weasler


Parents Meeting:

All parents for children Squirt/U10-Bantam/U14 will have team meetings on 10/25/14 at the FIA. Times will be assigned to the teams in the near future.

During this meeting we will have the Parents Code of Conduct Forms, Player Code of Conduct Forms, and general information for the season.

Calendar Winners Posted!

2014 Calendar Winners are posted on the Calendar Winners tab.  Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for supporting the Faribault Hockey Association!

Electronic Background Checks

Minnesota Hockey requires background checks for all members - District 9 Board Members, Coaches, Managers, Association Board Memebers and Association Representatives. New this year is the electronic background check which allows you to complete the process in a mere minutes. Please use the link below to access the Minnesota Screening form and process. Follow the directions, it will take less than 2 minutes.

Electronic Screening Form

Choose the Electronic Screening link and follow the directions. You will be processed for the required background check.

Website Address

To log in to the FHA website, make sure the URL above is:  http://faribault.pucksystems2.com/ and not faribaulthockey.com.  You need to use the actual url in order to log in properly and use all of the website functionality.

Thank you.

With registration upon us, are you ready for the season to start?