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    End of the Season Event at FIA - March 9th

    Hello Hockey Players and Parents,

    What a 2014-2015 Hockey Season!  Hope everyone had a fun season.  We will be having an end of the year celebration at the Faribault Ice Arena this year. 

    End of the Season Event

    • Date: March 9th (Monday)
    • Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
    • Location: Faribault Ice Arena

    The end of the year celebration will include:

    • Pizza
    • Drinks (non-alcoholic)
    • Open Skate for the hockey players (must wear at a minimum a helmet and skates when on the ice)
    • Reading of the 2014 – 2015 Financials
    • Voting for Hockey Board Members
    • Faribault Hockey Association News

    If anyone wishes to be listed on the Hockey Board Member Ballot please respond to me (ColbyLinnemann@gmail.com) by 2/28 with the following information to be put on the ballot:

    • Name
    • Who are your kids and level of skaters
    • Why do you want to be a Hockey Board Member

    When considering if you want to be on the board please consider the following information on the demand for being a board member as I learned from my 1st year.  Please don’t let the following bullet points scare you away as we need people to help make this association work and continue to head in the right direction:

    • Being available for board meetings: 1 per month (approx. 1.5 - 2 hours per meeting)
    • Being available for committee meetings: 1-2 per month (approx. 1-2 hours per meeting)
    • Developing and implementing committee activities/events and anything else to be done for FHA: 20 - 60 hours
    • Does not include coaching time if you coach

    I would still sign-up again as I believe hockey provides many positive things for our kids: builds confidence, great exercise, and great friendship with their teammates.  If you have questions about being on the board please reach out to one of the existing board members.

    Hope to see you March 9th!

    Falcons Fly Together - GREAT ARTICLE

    Great Article about the Faribault Boys High School Hockey Team


    Segment of the article (click link to read more):

    Faribault celebrates their first score in their 6-5 OT win

    Tuesday night in a rugged hard played game played at the Faribault Ice Arena, the Faribault boys high team flew together on the ice and beat a tough Rochester Century team.  The win pushed the Falcons to soaring new heights.  Faribault is now second in the Big 9 conference challenging Mankato West for the Big 9 title and ranked in the top three in the thirteen team Section 1A; a lofty view that Faribault has not seen in the last five years.

    At YHH, we go to the rinks and write the stories as we encounter them.  Last Saturday, YHH posted the story on how a number of grandfathers of players on the Dodge County girls team had been diagnosed in the last month with cancer and how they were coping.  Sadly, YHH encountered another cancer story in our visit to Faribault Tuesday.

    Tom VonRuden

    In the 2009-2010 season, Faribault’s boys high school team had a great season posting a 20-7 record finishing second in the Big 9.  Since then, the Falcons have gone 43-60-3 and have not made it past the Section 1A quarterfinals.  This season, the Falcons have started to win posting a 13-4-1 record including Tuesday night’s 6-5 overtime win over Rochester Century.  Faribault is now in second place in the Big 9 three points behind Mankato West with six Big 9 games yet to play including a key game with West in Mankato February 7th.  At YHH, it was interesting to see that Faribault’s boys hockey team was suddenly contending in Section 1A for a high seed.  It was not expected.

    (click link to read more)


    Player and Parent Forms

    Electronic Background Checks

    Minnesota Hockey requires background checks for all members - District 9 Board Members, Coaches, Managers, Association Board Memebers and Association Representatives. New this year is the electronic background check which allows you to complete the process in a mere minutes. Please use the link below to access the Minnesota Screening form and process. Follow the directions, it will take less than 2 minutes.

    Electronic Screening Form

    Choose the Electronic Screening link and follow the directions. You will be processed for the required background check.

    What is your favorite MN college hockey team?