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    Faribault Try Hockey for Free Program

    This program introduces hockey and learn how-to skate to Faribault Youth in grades K-thru-4th grade.  Try a 3-time program to see if your child is interested in this sport.  Come by yourself, with a friend, or a sibling and give it a try…you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

    We currently have around 18 girls and 32 boys within our Mini-mite/Mite/8U program and more are welcome.  We believe this a great sport and skill to learn.  It is much easier to learn to skate when you are young and you will have this skill for a lifetime.

    Click here for On-line Registration

    Any questions please reach out to Coach Colby Linnemann at or 952-292-2251.

    Have a Great Day!

    Hockey Association building youth hockey in Faribault from the ground up

    A quality varsity product isn’t sustainable without a strong youth program. Every varsity coach will say it all starts at the youth level. The Faribault girls hockey program is making great progress towards strengthening just that.

    For many years, the Faribault youth hockey programs have co-opted with Owatonna to form teams. For the first time in years, the Faribault youth team assembled an all-Faribault U8 girls team, which played its first game Saturday.

    “It’s awesome to be able to have them start that young,” said Faribault High School girls head coach Alli Miller. “If you don’t have that feeder program, you don’t have a varsity program. Hockey is a sport that you start when you are 6 or 7. You have to work at it and work at it. If you don’t have that, you aren’t competing.”

    Getting consistent participation and numbers is an issue every sport deals with, though none more than hockey. The U10 Faribault team co-ops with Owatonna and has just one Faribault girl on the team. Getting numbers is hard, but the Faribault Hockey Association has taken huge steps in making it easier and more inviting. The 18 kids on the U8 team — up from four at that level a year ago — provides evidence that progress is being made.

    “We want to keep kids active in the community and it’s great to provide these kids this opportunity and skill of a lifetime,” said Faribault Hockey Association recruiting chair Colby Linnemann. “It’s a great bonding experience for the girls. They can sign up with their friends and we’re just trying to keep everyone engaged and having fun. Trying to build them up and teach them about teamwork; setting goals. It’s a great experience for everyone.”

    “Colby has done a fantastic job getting those numbers,” said Miller. “Getting girls out here to try. So many girls are sometimes scared to try hockey. It can be intimidating but it’s a great sport. Once you try it, it’s hard not to fall in love with it.”

    Linnemann said the work isn’t done yet though. He said he’d like to double that number at that specific age group and continue building the youth numbers all around.

    “We’re always looking for more,” said Linnemann. “If kids want to come out, they still can. It’s a great bonding experience and you can tell they all have so much fun. We play games until March so there’s still a lot of time for kids to still join and play. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment; kids can just try it and see if they like it. We can teach them to skate usually in 3-4 lessons, get them equipment, all that stuff.  We have a great program. There’s a lot of time still to join so we’re hoping more kids come out.”

    An important part of building up that youth program is the varsity product. Kids go to the varsity games and look up to those varsity players. There’s a connection between those two programs and Miller’s played a big part in bridging the two in her time as the varsity coach.

    “It’s huge to have that relationship,” said Miller. “It’s fun to watch that develop and the girls can look up to some of the girls on the varsity team and see that payoff when they are older. You create friendships that last a lifetime. Some of these girls have been skating together for 10 years. That’s irreplaceable.”

    The hockey association is making a lot of progress in building up the youth hockey in Faribault. The U8 team is certainly shows that. Everyone involved is hoping that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    “Anybody who is interested let’s get them out here,” said Miller. “I encourage anyone who wants to play to get out and play. You never know until you try.”

    For those interested in signing up still, Colby Linnemann can be reached at 952-292-2251 or at More information can also be found at

    Matt Bigelow covers sports for the Daily News. You can reach him at 507-333-3129 or online via Twitter @FDNMattBigelow

    free concussion baseline testing

    The hockey association is offering free concussion baseline testing for your hockey player with ImPACT, the same program used by many other schools and professional organizations. There is an information sheet and consent form attached. If your child has symptoms of a concussion, this baseline test can be used by his or her medical provider to determine recovery and return to play.

    The test has been divided into 2 age brackets:  age 12-59 (baseline testing date is already past; your doctor's office may be able to do this but there is a fee and insurance may not cover it) and ages 5-11. 

    • Ages 5-11:  needs to be done on an iPad with iOS 8 or higher with a 9.5" screen or larger (diagonal measurement).  If you have access to an iPad you can download "ImPACT Toolkit" (free app), I can help you set this up for your child if needed.  I have one iPad to do testing on if you don’t have access to one—please let me know and your child can use this one.   Takes about 25-30 minutes and a parent needs to be present during the child's test.

    Sign in:

    Password: hockey

    Kris Drevlow:

    Hockey Equipment, T-shirt, Calendars, and Wreath form pickup night

    If you missed Faribault Hockey registration night no worries .

    Here are the next steps:

    • Register on-line
    • Contact Alli Miller to setup a time to pick-up your calendars and wreath order form.   Email:
    • T-shirts will be handed out at one of the 1st practices
    • Mini-mites and mites wishing to rent equipment you will be able to do so 1 hour before you 1st practice on Oct 22nd.

    A few reminders and changes to the registration process

    • ALL payments (player level fee, tournament fee, family facility/calendar payment) except wreath sales are all on-line.  This helps us become more efficient from handling and keep track of paper stuff.
    • There is an option to pay offline if you are receiving a scholarship or applying for a scholarship.  Scholarship guidelines and form can be found on website.  Here is the direct link:
    • Sign-up for your DIBs before registration night if you are not buying out…this worked well last year as Faribault Hockey covered almost 100% of concession shifts.  A minimum of 110 hours are not registered in DIBs then a check of $225 for mini-mites or first year skater’s families or a $300 check for returning skater families that have a skater above the mini-mite level will be required.  This check will be deposited.  Once all time is completed FHA will return the money…easier to register for DIBs as you have 7 days before event to change if something comes up.   Please remember to use the family older skater name when claiming DIB hours.
    • If you have additional questions about registration please email

    Fundraising Link Added to top menu

    Fundraising is very important in keeping Faribault Hockey thriving in our community.  This helps all kids have the opportunity to be active and to continue to grow in a positive direction.  With the hope they become a great human being.  With everyone's help we can achieve a lot for our kids and the kids of Faribault!  Thanks You!

    FHA Gun Raffle

    2016 FHA GUN RAFFLE DETAILS (click link) TICKETS: $40 each (500 tickets total) DRAWING DATE: October 1, 2016 at 8pm LOCATION: Faribault Ice Arena All are welcome to attend the drawing and gather together for the gun raffle, beer garden, bon fire, washer board tournament, band, etc. More details to come.


    Sports and extracurricular activities plays a very strong positive influence in kids’ lives.  This Fundraiser will help raise funds for these organization to help them thrive and continue to help our kids and community grow in a positive direction. This event is an evening out for the adults that includes great music and a washer tournament as a fundraiser event that benefits Faribault youth sports and extracurricular activity organizations.  Want to get this as big as the Basilica Block party…need to set goals!   :-)

    Hockey Equipment Rental turn-in or exchange

    Any questions on equipment please contact Ryan Hanson at 507-384-8236 or Paul Archambault at 507-330-2165

    Former Faribault Hockey Association Player Patrick Eaves reaches 500 NHL Games Milestone

    Celebrating Faribault Hockey Success:

    Patrick Eaves was born May 1, 1984. He played youth hockey in numerous communities growing up....“(Patrick) was part of a Faribault PeeWee team that went to the Minnesota State Tournament,” Mike said. “He was on the team with (his brother) Ben, Max Bull, A.J. Walker. He played for Faribault, and then Shattuck-St. Mary’s..."Whenever we went to the rink, it was always about a game – about having fun.”

    Article can be found on Let's Play Hockey:

    How-to select player level calendar tags and use calendar schedule views - Example Oct 24

    A number of people are stating they can't see their players level on the Hockey Calendar schedule.  Please see document on instructions how to set the correct tag for your player(s) view.  Also in the instruction, it shows 3 examples on the calendar view after selecting your tags.

    Hope this helps!

    Player and Parent Forms

    Electronic Background Checks

    Minnesota Hockey requires background checks for all members - District 9 Board Members, Coaches, Managers, Association Board Memebers and Association Representatives. New this year is the electronic background check which allows you to complete the process in a mere minutes. Please use the link below to access the Minnesota Screening form and process. Follow the directions, it will take less than 2 minutes.

    Electronic Screening Form

    Choose the Electronic Screening link and follow the directions. You will be processed for the required background check.